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Adam Milstein – Philanthropist We All Should Know

Adam Milstein is a very known philanthropists in the Jewish and Israeli communities. You can often find Milstein consulting and fundraising for matters that are truly important to the Jewish community like education and the rights of the Jewish people. He also focuses on finances and putting money where necessary within the community. Feeding off of his passion for his community and what he believes in, he decided to start his own charitable group under the name of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Milstein’s charitable organizations are strategically geared towards different age groups including adolescents, young adults and adults, as he would like to keep a connection with the community as a whole.

Adam Milstein has also became a writer with the Jewish News Syndicate or JNS to spread the word on Israeli issues, terrorism and anti-semitism. One of his latest articles was over a radical alliance in the anti-semitism world he sees around him. In this article Adam Milstein discusses the radical Muslim movement and how radical leftist and radical Muslims have decided to join forces. Being a man of the people, Milstein of course, would not be for some of the things that radical Muslims are for, like executing the homosexual community, treating minorities horribly and even the stoning and unwarranted mistreatment of women.

He further discusses how the leftists usually would not be allies of the Muslim radicals due to this type of behavior. Unfortunately, since both have common ground as far as their disgust and intolerance for western influence they have decided to come together and become allies for a common cause. Adam is uncovering how it really can be perceived as a turn on the Jewish community as people are starting to see Israel as a white supremacy nation. Adam Milstein decides to clear all of this up by digging into the root of the problem and discussing other issues surrounding it.

With parents migrating to Israel from Mexico and Argentina, it would seem that Milstein wouldn’t be the “usual” Israeli philanthropist, but he is definitely one we all should know.

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