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Richard Dwayne Blair: Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair, financial planner, explains the Three Pillar approach to financial planning, which provides retirement planning, and wealth management to his clients in the Austin, Texas area. It is his goal to provide a treasure map that can guide his clients on the road of planning their financial life. The first pillar is to design the roadmap itself by finding out the client’s goals, strengths, risk tolerance, and opportunities for growth. Blair wants to build a long-term relationship with his clients so that he can formulate a more holistic plan with clarity of expectations involved.

The second pillar is about an effective, longer-term investment plan that is tailored to the client’s unique goals as well as liquid needs. Blair knows how to reallocate assets, so as to ensure a maximum performance during periods of upward market movements while minimizing the impact of negative market periods on client’s portfolios. Performance is kept track of and compared to the clients’ or company’s expectations. The third pillar comes from establishment of the client’s financial goals, as well as enacting strategies to provide liquidity and growth. Some understand you cannot predict when the storms will hit but Richard Dwayne Blair wants to provide his clients with certainty. The final pillar is also about insurance needs.


Richard Dwayne Blair believes in providing objective advice. He also looks into investment, retiring, and wealth preservation strategies. Blair is the sole proprietor of Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair’s influence is the field of education as his mother and grandmother were teachers, as well as his wife. Richard has a natural aptitude for finance when he learned through trying his hand at helping other people with their financial planning. Richard Dwyane Blair holds an industry securities registration for 23 years, while he is subject to SEC oversight. He is a Registered Investment Advisor with his own company Wealth Solutions, who is registered as a broker. The wealth of a client is important to Blair because it impacts how he respects their process of accumulation. Clients are made to feel unique in that Blair offers customized solutions.

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