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Glen Wakeman: CEO, CFO, Global executive, Investor, Entrepreneur, Inventor and important mentor to many.

With an impressive résumé listing an MBA earned from the University of Chicago, and 20 years at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman is an extraordinary talent. It is easy to understand why he is a key asset for the business sector on a local, regional, and even global scale. Wakeman has worked for GE in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. He has also had success with handling billions of dollars in business capital and expanding key sectors of GE’s business lines through partnerships. With Wakeman’s successful track record as CEO, CFO, board member, global executive, investor, small business owner and inventor, becoming a mentor was a logical progression (Blogwebpedia). His past achievements and important positions he has held in the corporate world has lended credence to his current executive role with Launchpad Holdings, LLC.

As CEO and cofounder of Launchpad Holdings, Wakeman’s mission is clear: Infuse his past experiences in his career with clients he is mentoring in business and in leadership, so they can succeed. With the “Launchpad Toolkit,” Wakeman’s approach involves a simple and easy approach for his budding business owners.

The idea of the “Launchpad Toolkit,” is a novel approach to business mentoring for Wakeman. With this toolkit, potential owners will follow key steps to creating their businesses. Whether that step involves creating a legal entity, or hashing out a marketing plan, the software-as-a-service (SAAS) walks those budding entrepreneurs in the early stages through the key steps. This SAAS also helps clients answer those important questions. The end result with this toolkit is for Launchpad Holdings’ clients to raise capital based on their successful presentations.

Because many business failures occur as a result of not having a well defined business plan, Wakeman reinforces the point to his students that a good idea is not enough to make a business a success. It is all about reinforcing those ideas with a concrete business plan. As far as business mistakes are concerned, Wakeman notes that it is best to err early in the process, then at a point when there have been successes. At that point, the ramifications could be devastating.


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