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David McDonald Is Building Relationships With The OSI Group

David McDonald is the President of The OSI Group for the last 30 years. Born and raised in Northeast Iowa, and a Iowa State University graduate, he has been leading the way in the OSI Group in Chicago, with the mission to create new solutions, in the food processing industry. The whole culture McDonald has set for himself, and lives by is growing and expanding the group, with the inspiration from customers to find innovative ways for them to keep becoming successful in the food processing industry today. David McDonald compares the high quality and safety, of his food products to feeding his family the same products that the OSI Group uses, so that he ensures that the respect for his customers, will be that of his own family.

McDonald is also taking part in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, supporting interns who want to be properly educated regarding the OSI Group’s services. Additionally, through scholarship funding, he has been able to support generously to his fraternity with Iowa State, Alpha Gamma Rho. At the American Meat Institute, David McDonald serves as Chairman of The Board, and in 2004, he was awarded the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award, putting a stamp on his relationship with Iowa State University.

With the way everything is revolutionizing today, McDonald stresses that, in order to keep expanding as a company, at the OSI Group, they like to always be ready to adapt to change. Other companies in the food processing industry, are not ready to adapt to change, making David McDonald and the OSI Group, have the competitive edge to grow at a rapid pace, while keeping a low profile, and gives their success, to the credit of its customers. Their customers have become confident in the group, knowing that will continue to receive the most customized experiences with the food they promote within their business.

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