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The Three Essential Technologies Perry Mandera Uses To Better Serve His Customers

Every day, millions of Americans rely on the transportation industry to serve their most important needs. This critical yet often overlooked segment of our economy has come a long way over the years, in part thanks to the pioneering vision of Perry Mandera, the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc. which offers transportation services based in North Lake, Illinois (

Always committed to a life of service, Mandera has applied his charitable nature and strategic thinking in every stage of his life. After serving his country through the Marine Corps Reserves as a truck driver, he would later go on to create The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986 (Releasefact).

Today, Perry Mandera’s business has grown significantly—generating over $200 million in sales annually—thanks largely to his commitment to serving customers with the aid of unique technologies.

Of those incredible innovations, here are three features the company uses to serve customers:

1) Cheetah Dispatch: this incredible piece of software provides the company’s truck drivers with real-time information regarding deliveries, packages, and more. By accessing the software through their satellite-tracked tablets, truckers can minimize paperwork and increase efficiency.

2) Warehouse Management System (WMS): this incredible tool gives customers unique insights into their product inventories, allowing them to track packages even up to the point of delivery.

3) Dock Management System (DMS): this precedent-setting technology has allowed The Custom Companies, Inc. to minimize delays and errors. Being entirely paperless, and instead utilizing a bar code system, each shipment can be moved along with much greater efficiency.

These critical technologies, spearheaded by Perry Mandera’s incredible vision, are a large part of why The Custom Companies, Inc. has succeeded so greatly. By combining industry innovation with Perry’s commitment to servitude, the business has managed to fulfill customers’ needs with unprecedented consistency. It is truly a testament to what can happen when a passion for serving the community merges with Mandera’s admirable work ethic.


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