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Jorge Moll: Interesting Things, Positive Impact

Jorge Moll is the founder and CEO of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He is known as a renowned neuroscientist and experimental pathophysiology. He is truly a successful and noble man, with a love for his common man.

Off the bat, Moll is asked questions about his success and how he operates to get such accolades as the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup (Vivianegomes). After all who wouldn’t want to know how to achieve such things. As Moll answers the questions asked of him it becomes apparent that the secret of his success boils down to strong managed ideas, heavy communication and deliberation, and passion to help or service his fellow man. This seems like an obvious roadmap to success but nonetheless, he describes his day as “filled with many meetings that cover a variety of topics. I speak with a number of students, associates, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs that represent a wide range of organizations.” He also goes on describe how he believes in free exchange of information and the power of “collaboration”. Mr. Jorge tends to focus on ideas that can be followed through with a game plan, and he ensures quality by consorting with others he trusts. He further echoes the sentiment of focusing on ideas with laser focus as he answers advice he would give his younger self as not holding on to ideas for too long without acting on them “Either run with them or move on to the next one as quickly as possible.”

Next Jorge Moll is asked extensively about his business practices and techniques ( He asserts that in business one shouldn’t try to repeat the same thing over and over but rather they should aim to achieve higher thresholds every time. In fact that is the key to his entire business strategy, as he points out most of his failures have arisen from taking too long with results and that we should try to play with our strategies to increase potential. He sums up the belief that keeps his business drive going as the belief that “we can change our realities and positively impact lives and industries, by simply doing interesting things.” This is what Jorge Moll is all about helping his fellow man by doing what others will not and a strong since of passion echoed by his collaborators, maybe that’s what we all should do to obtain success.


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