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Glen Wakeman: Helping the Up and Comer

Glen Wakeman has made it his mission to help people in any way he can. He is a businessman, entrepreneur, author and mentor. He has served over two decades of his life with GE and honed his skill for finance and how it could help others. He is currently the CEO of Launchpad Holdings. The company helps new businesses get off the ground by helping them with the appropriate business model in order to have the best chance at success. In an interview with Ideamensch, Glen Wakeman describes what his day is like, How new ideas come to pass, and offers advice on what he would do differently if he had the chance to do it all over again (

Glen Wakeman’s day begins in the office going over what happened. Glen is a man who loves to crunch the numbers and figure out how to make today the best day that it can be. He meets with his partner at Launchpad and they divide the daily duties between them. THen they tackle the duties at hand. They have and set up sales meeting, revise business plans and make sure that Launchpad can pay the bills that are due. By keeping track of things like this Launchpad Holdings can move ahead each day.

(Glenwakeman) says the best way to bring new ideas to the table is by explaining the idea to co-workers. Sometimes during the day, he forces himself to say an idea out loud to his colleagues. This allows the more ridiculous ideas to be put to the side and allows the good ideas to come forward. The other difficult part is explaining the why of an idea. If that can be done a person has latched on to a really good idea. That is the heart of the process for Glen and his team.

If he had to do it over again Glen would do a better job of keeping in touch with people and follow up. That is key in the business world but it also makes Glen Wakeman a human being. He knows how to be a success.


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