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Paul Mampilly Has Some Surprising Advice About Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly is always in the loop about new companies going public, and he’s trusted when it comes to seeking out advice for the latest stock trends. He’s almost always encouraging his followers to buy into tech stocks and has even spoken about how digital currencies are a great way to move into banking and financial management. But he wrote a surprising article in which he told investors that they should actually avoid buying Bitcoin stocks. Mampilly said he actually missed out on the sudden surge of Bitcoin in 2017, and he said he would have told investors to get it at the time, but it’s become so popular now that it has formed a bubble. Mampilly has noted that its price already has been falling and that it’s likely to continue over the next year or so.

Paul Mampilly used to offer his investment advice and manage client portfolios in his office or over the phone back when he worked at the big banks and firms, but now he writes articles and newsletters for Banyan Hill where he has said he is helping more people reach their investment goals than he ever did on Wall Street. His story is still inspiring nonetheless because he came from a blue collar family in India and had to work his way through college in the US to find an opening job at Deutsche Bank. He also worked at ING, Banker’s Trust, Sears and Kinetics International Fund, a firm that was recognized by Barron’s magazines as one of Wall Street’s best. He also was the winner of the 2008-09 Templeton Foundation investment competition. Even though Mampilly points to these experiences as being valuable, he did once say that if he could go back and do it all over again, he probably would have done his own research into stock buying to build his own wealth.

Paul Mampilly is well-liked because he doesn’t just provide information; he also makes the financial terminology easy to understand. Mampilly also doesn’t work like a broker but actually shows his followers how to get started buying stocks without all the expensive fees, and how to look for stock that’s not in the midst of popularity, but that’s low and in its initial offering phase with the likelihood of gaining value. “Profits Unlimited” was Mampilly’s first newsletter followed by “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum,” and he gained over 60,000 subscribers in just three months of beginning writing.

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