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Dr. Mark Holterman’s Involvement With Stem Cell Research

Dr. Mark Holterman is an American Pediatric Surgeon with a world wide impact. He is a professional surgeon, teacher, instructor, analyst which makes him very involved with his work. Some of Dr. Holterman greatest work is in the philanthropic industry.

In his earlier days, (Markjholterman) grew up in Wisconsin. His parents didn’t attend any colleges but they owned a family farm. Mark grew up being a really good student in high school and even one of his teachers let him know that he should start thinking about going to Yale University. His parents weren’t completely sold on the idea but he ended up attending Yale University and loving it. He decided to take up Biology as his major while attending Yale. He continued his University journey until he graduated in the early 1980’s. After so he went on to attend a medical school that was the University of Virginia in the same year he graduated from Yale University. While at the University of Virginia he decided that he wanted to become a pediatrician. He also joined the National Institutes of Health program and became a medical scientist.

While at the University of Virginia he met another person that was in the medical field that went by the name of Ai-Xuan Le. She was a future surgeon and previously graduated from Texas Christian University. The two of them had a great impact on each other. When Mark saw the passion and drive Ai-Xuan had for medical surgery that made him very interested in the fields as well. While Mark went on to inspire pediatric work in Ai-Xuan and she ended up becoming a pediatric surgeon. As time went by the two grew closer and got romantically involved which led them to getting married in 1988. They have a family that consist of their three sons.

After completing his schooling at the University of Virginia Mark Holterman went on to become one of the most successful surgeons. Him and his wife Ai-Xuan eventually moved to Seattle and that is also where Mark eventually became a pediatric surgery fellow at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital. A while after he and his family left for Quebec, Canada. While there in Canad, Mark became a research associate.

At the moment Mark Holterman owns two medical offices in Illinois ( He also has been received by the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons.


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