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If You Plan To Invest In Bitcoin, Listen To What Paul Mampilly Has To Say First.

Cryptocurrency is an important development as the move to digitize currency is on and some are looking for ways to get around government regulations and interest rates. Bitcoin is the start of this revolution, and stock investor Paul Mampilly has taken a close look at it. Mampilly has a bright outlook on cryptocurrency stocks, and he even said in an article that he would have recommended buying Bitcoin stocks prior to their big rise in 2017, but now he’s changing his tune. He said that Bitcoin has now gotten so popular that its price is too high above what it should be. It’s a bubble effect that was also seen in dot-com companies back in 2000 and the housing market in 2008, and Mampilly said Bitcoin is going to suffer the same fate as those investments. He did say there’s another cryptocurrency out there you can invest in, but only newsletter subscribers are given information on it.

Paul Mampilly manages his own portfolio and also writes tutorials on how people can buy their own stocks without going through a broker. He started writing newsletters for new investors because he no longer wanted to serve only the top 1% of Wall Street investors. He had quite a remarkable career beginning at Deutsche Bank in investment banking research, and then becoming a special advisor to fortune 500 clients and executives at ING, Banker’s Trust and Sears. Mampilly became well-known when he helped raise public offerings at Kinetics International Fund bringing their AUM from $6 billion to $25 billion, and Barron’s magazine cited this firm as having investment returns reaching up to 40%. Mampilly also invested $50 million in the 2008 Templeton Foundation competition and won the grand prize for gaining 76%, and doing so all while the recession was turning the stock market downward.

Paul Mampilly began writing newsletters through the Banyan Hill platform in 2016 because this financial resource company offered information at far less the cost than most other investing journals. It also gave him the opportunity to give his followers insights into his portfolio and show which stocks are performing well. Some stocks he’s picked in their infancy stage that made a lot of money for him include Facebook, Netflix, and most notably Sarepta Therapeutics whose stock gained over 1,000% when Mampilly sold it. His main newsletter “Profits Unlimited” has over 60,000 subscribers many of which have written glowing reviews about them.

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