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Glen Wakeman an Inspiring Mentor for Budding Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is a highly accomplished businessman with vast experience in leadership, governance, human resource and risk management. He has over the years assisted budding entrepreneurs to kick-start their business. He brings over two decades of entrepreneurial experience having had an incredible career, check also Glen started his meteoric rise at a young age by joining the University of Scranton to study BS in Economics and Finance and after that completing his MBA from the University of Chicago.

In his illustrious career, Glen has held different positions in his long career in business such as being an Executive Mentor, Investor, Writer, Small Business Owner, Board Member and Public Company CEO. One of his most renown stories is the founding of LaunchPad Holdings which is a company that assists budding entrepreneurs in putting their business ideas into a practical plan through a software platform. Having lived in more than five countries and traveled to more than 30 nations, Glen brings an international perspective to these young entrepreneurs.

Glen is also the President and founder of Nova Four which is a company that provides strategic advice on how to get funding for new businesses. He aims to improve the firms by coaching CEOs on how to run their businesses in efficient and effective ways. The CEOs are taken through an intensive training program to enable them to mitigate the difficulties of developing companies.

Also, as a talented writer and inventor, Glen post in his blogs matters on emerging markets and international fiscal issues. He uses his many years of experience to advise his followers in these blogs about strategy, management, and administration. Glen is a mentor that any budding entrepreneurs would immensely benefit by subscribing to his platforms and get advice. He had over the decades dealt with successful business leaders.


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