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Stream Energy Initiates Steve Fisher as CSO

Energy industry giant, Stream Energy, has just named its CSO for the recently implemented Illinois branch. They named Steve Fisher as the person. He will act as the Chief Sales Officer, which is one of the most significant honors and the highest positions that anyone can get. Fisher had been with the company for years, and he was one of the most fruitful sellers in the business. Not only was he successful, but he shared his knowledge and stratagem with other independent associates who reaped the benefits of learning from him. CEO, Larry Mondry, says that he could not have chosen a better candidate. He describes Fisher as a person who values knowledge and will help secure the company’s future success.

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The Chief Sales Officer position is a tall order, but Fisher seems to be the right man for the job. As CSO, he will conduct tasks such as managing customer relationships, developing employees and ensuring that the company’s goods and services sell. Additionally, Fisher will be responsible for regulating the training compensation for the employees. Fisher is so ecstatic about the new job that he smiled from ear to ear and put his thumbs up. He’s ready to take Stream to the next level of success.


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Stream Energy is a leading provider of essential services such as cell phone plans, energy and home protection. The company opened its doors in 2004 and had been expanding and growing ever since, view here. The company headquarters is stationed in Dallas, Texas and Larry Mondry is currently running the establishment. Stream services customers in eight states and has more than 245 employees. The company intends to be around for a long time, expand further, and touch the lives of many more people in the world each passing year.


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