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Why George Soros Just Gave Up $18 Billion

The act of giving billions of dollars is something to be praised no matter how you look at it. It’s certainly going to do quite a bit for whatever cause you decide to throw it at, but when you decide to give it to the Open Society Foundation that matters even more. George Soros has decided to do just that and he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He wants to help bring about any age of globalization unlike anything ever seen before. Soros has had so much to do with the Open Society Foundation before that it’s not surprising he pushes for this now.

Indeed, he is in fact the creator of the Open Society Foundation and he is trying to help promote a more global way of thinking. Private capital is world defined by the ability to produce and connect with people around the world. This is clearly to the benefit of just about everyone involved. It gives people the ability to decide what they want out of life and it gives power to the poor in developing nations. Regardless of where you stand everyone has the ability to benefit and find something in it for them. While the benefits of globalism are obvious and it has always provided positive outcomes, there are unfortunate attacks on it coming from the right. They want to claim that globalization is in fact harmful to others and that we as a society must not allow it to continue on. The baseless attacks often draw on old superstitions being brought back to life.

George Soros is often portrayed as some sort of villain plotting world domination. The attacks on him have an almost cartoonish quality to them, but they are certainly believed by a very large number of people. While Glenn Beck and others don’t necessarily have piles of evidence to try to prove their claims, they do have crowds that will listen and believe when told to. Soros has been the exact opposite of much of what they have accused him of for many years. He was a major reason for the wave of free markets and democracy that took over the former Soviet bloc, but that isn’t where he stopped. He has continued to do just about everything he can to make his surrounding world a much better place for everyone when he has the chance to.

This next phase of his philanthropy is going to set records and make history. Never before have we seen so many people have so much improve in their lives over such a short period of time. Soros is going to be remember in the same light that we think of Rockefeller and Carnegie. He is the main reason behind one of the most important and prominent global movements around. The Open Society Foundation is bringing those in the developing world into a more free way of life as well as protecting what has been done in the developed world.

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