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Perry Mandera: A Master Entrepreneur Turned Philanthropist

If you live in Illinois, you are probably familiar with the Custom Companies Inc, which is dedicated to providing a variety of transportation services in Chicago and the surrounding areas. The company was founded in February 1986 by brilliant businessman and has over the years grown to become an industry giant which serves numerous clients ranging from small businesses’ owners to Fortune 100 company owners. Custom Companies Inc employs over 300 highly trained employees who have helped the company achieve over $200 million in sales. The company was started and is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois and has many offices and agents spread all over the United States. Perry Mandera has one mantra for the company; One Call Does It All. This was meant to relay Perry’s vision of offering various transportation services under one roof.


Perry Mandera Success Story
Custom Companies Inc has enjoyed a lot of success. The man behind the tremendous growth and success is the founder Perry Mandera. Perry was born and raised in Chicago where he attended school and graduated in 1975. He proceeded to join the US Marine Corps Reserves where he served until 1980. He then worked for a few transportation companies before going into politics where he served as the youngest ever Republican ward committeeman. His experience in the transportation industry helped him start and run his company successfully, view more here. His emphasis on reliable services, innovative ideas, and affordable rates keep the customers coming loyal and happy.
In addition to being a shrewd businessman, Perry Mandera is also passionate about giving back to the community in any way he can. Over the years Perry has donated to various charities as well as taken an active role in various charitable events. For instance, the Custom Companies Inc trucks transported many truckloads full off food and other necessities to the victims of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. Many children look up to Perry Mandera as an example of what a good leader should be like.


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