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Omar Boraie is the Salvation of New Brunswick

As the world grows increasingly hostile toward the upper class, it seems that the top 1% are the recipients of much bigotry and hatred. While certainly some of these people are greedy dirt bags who are only looking out for their own hide, this is certainly not true for Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie is passionate for the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey and he is the main reason it is still a functioning and thriving city today.

Omar Boraie is the head and founder of Boraie Development LLC. He used this corporation to resurrect a city from the dead.

According to the article found on, Boraie Development used its business connections to give the families in New Brunswick quality time with one another. Boraie Development joined hands with the New Jersey State Theater and provided seven movie nights for free to the public. This was meant to help families who often do not get to see each other to spend quality time loving one another. These seven movie nights were well attended by the community. Over 7,500 people attended these wonderful events.

Omar Boraie has spent four decades trying to save New Brunswick for going past the tipping point. According to an article on, he has been able to save the city by accomplishing several things.

According to NY Times, the first thing that Omar Boraie was able to do was to ensure that jobs were remaining in the area. If New Brunswick had no jobs, they would eventually have no people. Omar understood that New Brunswick could not lose Johnson and Johnson since they were the big boy in town. Omar Boraie was able to convince them all that it was in their best interest to stay.

Once jobs were secured, Omar was able to create a coalition that made New Brunswick stronger. This coalition was made up of the mayor, the head of New Brunswick Tomorrow, the President of Rutgers University, and the head of the New Brunswick Development Corporation. This coalition worked together to bring wealth and jobs back to the city. Check out pressofatlanticcity to see more.

The third thing the Omar Boraie did was focus on the real estate infrastructure. If businesses were to come to the area, then they would need places to conduct business and another place to live. Boraie Development LLC built class A office space so that middle-class workers could have a place to conduct their various practices. You can search Yahoo to see more.

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