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George Soros’s Philanthropy Under Attack

George Soros is one of the wealthiest men in America. He’s also one of the few that genuinely gives to charity out of the kindness of his heart. He primarily gives to his own organization, Open Society Foundations. Over the years, he’s donated more money to that single organization than any other individual.

Over the past several decades, he’s donated a total of $18 billion to Open Society. This makes his philanthropic foundation the second-largest in the country, behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Sadly, in today’s world, people like Soros are targeted by opposing conspiracy theorists.

Fighting for what he thinks is right never allowed him to be hurt by all the accusations. For over 30 years, he used the Open Society Foundations as a tool to fight for human rights and promote democracy. To date, Open Society operates in more than 120 countries, but its focus has been on the United States lately.

Ordinarily, the U.S. is a shining example of progression and unity, but after the 2016 Presidential Election, a wave of hate and ignorance began swiping across the nation. Open Society is trying to stop the violence and the hate, fix the damage, and protect as many groups as possible.

According to the NY Times, the amount of hatred that George Soros has personally received is outrageous. He’s only doing what thinks is right and hundreds of conservative organizations have labeled him anti-American. In his own words, dark forces are trying to take over America and people need to start fighting back.

As far as people know, Soros has no plans of running for any offices. He’s just supporting politicians and community activists he believes are good for society. Because of that, Republicans and far-right extremists have made a career of trying to discredit him.

Several JPost articles talk about the hatred George Soros receives on a daily basis. Most of them are accusations accusing him of secretly running the world. He’s apparently one of the most evil people in the world because he supported the Black Live Matter and Antifa movements.

The most shocking accusation was made by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore and his team accused Soros of hiring women to accuse Moore of sexual assault. Obviously, none of these crazy accusations ever stuck. Still, every week another conspiracy theory comes out, and they won’t stop anytime soon.

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