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OSI Group and International Food Processing Operations

OSI Group is an international supplier that focuses on customized food products of all varieties. Aurora, Illinois is the company’s home. Aurora is a peaceful Chicago suburban community that’s mostly part of Kane County. Sheldon Lavin is the man in charge at OSI Group. The company was first introduced to the planet in 1909. It hasn’t looked back even once since then, either. OSI Group offers its services to all kinds of retail and foodservice businesses around the globe. Food processing is the name of the game for the OSI Group crew. It’s a business that’s privately held. There are many career openings accessible to people who are interested in OSI Group and in food processing. The company has positions that are suitable for professionals who have extensive experience in human resources, R&D (Research and Development), finance, accounting, maintenance, logistics, IT (Information Technology) and quality assurance. People who want to someday work in operations may want to look into jobs with OSI Group. OSI Group hires people to fill all varieties of diverse positions. Some examples are administrative assistant, maintenance mechanic, accountant, production supervisor, electrician, sales finance director and product development manager positions. OSI Group happily accepts interns in many categories, too. It regularly works with process control and finance interns.

This company understands all kinds of food processing needs. It concentrates on cheese, poultry, fruit, pork, bakery, fish and beef offerings. Some of the specialties that are offered by the OSI Group staff are food process engineering, food research and development and in-depth food safety. The company works on beef processing and meatloaf, burgers, meatballs and beyond. It works on pork processing and ribettes, roasted pork and cooked sausages. It helps clients who are looking for the finest choices in bacon chips, chicken fried steak, pot roast, tomatoes, pulled pork, fresh dough, pizza and flatbread. The professionals who work for OSI Group can give people comprehensive guidance that involves food favorites such as chili, paninis, salami and tofu.

OSI Group tends to customers who are in all different parts of the vast planet. It has customers in many countries such as Austria, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, the United States, Spain, Poland, India, the Philippines, Germany, China, Ukraine, Taiwan, Canada, Brazil and Hungary. This is a firm that’s always contemplating additional growth projects as well. OSI Group has the ability to make international food processing soar.

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