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Lifeline Screening Is Now Able To Offer Best In Class Bone Density Screenings

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides preventative health screens across the United States. The goal is to identify health issues before they turn serious, which is the best time to catch these types of problems. When caught in an early stage health issues are far easier to manage, with sometimes lifestyle changes being enough to adequately address the issue.

In September 2017 Lifeline Screening teamed up with a European company called Bone Index, Ltd. The partnership was formed in order to provide Americans with the latest bone density screenings technology that exists. One of the more pressing issues in the field of medicine is the number of people who have undiagnosed osteoporosis. This degenerative bone disease accounts for about two million broken bones each year just in the United States, costing over $19 billion annually. Medical experts have said that their research shows that by 2025 this cost is likely to increase to over $25 billion.

One of the reasons that osteoporosis often goes undiagnosed is that the equipment to detect has only been available in those hospitals that have DXA X-ray machines. They are also very expensive procedures to undergo to detect this disease. This has limited the availability of people having an opportunity to be screened for osteoporosis.

The chief executive officer of Bone Index, Dr. Ossie Riekkinen, has said that his company’s technology, Bindex, is revolutionary due to these reasons. He noted that as the leading provider of medical screens Lifeline Screening performs about 15,000 screening events each year. The partnership will enable Lifeline Screening the equipment to detect osteoporosis in a procedure that will be widely available and affordable. Lifeline Screening’s vice president of business development, Kelly Daubach, said that Lifeline Screening will be the only company in the United States that will have such an accurate and safe bone density screening option.

Bone Index has patented Bindex globally. They hold 19 patents including in several countries in Europe plus America, Japan, and China. They were happy to partner with Lifeline Screening in order to bring their technology to American citizens.

Lifeline Screening was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. They employ about 1000 people, many of whom are the professional technicians who carry out the screenings. Once a screening is performed the data is sent back to doctors who work for Lifeline Screening. They review the information and then inform the patient about the results of their screenings.

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