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David McDonald: President And COO Of The Osi Group

For over 30 years, Iowa State University graduate David McDonald has worked with the international food service industry juggernaut the OSI Group. The Iowa native was hired by the company in 1987 as soon as he completed his bachelor’s degree in animal science. Raised on a farm, McDonald has long understood the intricacies of the food processing industry. His time with the OSI Group has also given him a deep understanding of and a great deal of experience with international business. David McDonald has worked his way up to become the OSI Group‘s president and chief operating officer.

David McDonald is also a loving husband and father. He lives in Warrenville, Illinois with Malinda, his wife, and their six children. McDonald loves his community dearly and often volunteers his time to work on projects in St. Michael’s parish. He also remains deeply connected to Iowa State University. His two oldest children attend the school and McDonald is involved in ISU’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. He has taken ISU students to China to visit the OSI facilities there, helped set up an internship program at the school and gives generously to the ISU scholarship funding efforts.

In addition to working with the OSI Group, David McDonald is also the North American Meat Institute board of directors chairman. He was chosen for the position because of his solid educational qualifications, his knowledge of the meat industry and the vast experience he has dealing with international business. Having held a wide range of very important positions with the OSI Group during his 30 years there has helped to make David McDonald an invaluable member of the executive team. His knowledge and experience have served him well as he continues to help the company expand globally.

Over his many years in the food service industry, David McDonald has become highly skilled in a range of very important areas that have helped the company to grow. McDonald is known for his expertise in strategic planning, supply chain management, product development, food safety, team building and cross-functional team leadership. His experience with and talent for forecasting, inventory management, marketing strategy and customer service have also led to the great deal of respect he enjoys in the agribusiness industry. The training David McDonald received in all facets of food science at Iowa State University provided him with the solid foundation on which he has built a successful career.

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