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Jason Hope Is A Firm Believer In Anti-Aging And Backs Up His Beliefs

Most people associate Jason Hope with his success as an entrepreneur, his generosity as a philanthropist, his expertise and knowledge regarding investing or his uncanny ability as a futurist. In addition to all these activities, many individuals remain unaware of the focus he places on anti-aging. They symptoms associated with aging are being treated by the medical community, but there is very little in the way of research to halt or at least slow the process down. Jason Hope is determined to advance anti-aging research, and has backed up his voice with monetary contributions. He donated $500,000 in 2010 to the SENS Foundation for this purpose.

The SENS Foundation is strictly non-profit, and is addressing the disease of anti-aging through developments, promotions, and methods of rejuvenation. They are specifically targeting diabetes, lung disease, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Jason Hope has a passion for the biotechnology of rejuvenation, and has often spoken at the SENS foundation in addition to his generous contributions. He has made it clear he is not looking for research to enable people to live forever, but rather to live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. He gives his support to the approach of the foundation to cure diseases that accelerate the process of aging. The foundation is trying to prevent diseases that break down the systems of the body. Instead of trying to locate better treatments for these diseases, he wants to prevent the diseases from occurring.

Jason Hope’s patronage to the SENS Foundation is incredibly important. The reason foundations such as this have problems is because cutting-edge technology and innovation are expensive. Private and public funding is incredibly difficult to attain unless concrete progress can be demonstrated. In the past, these organizations were forced to rely strictly on contributions from individuals with enough excitement regarding their work to donate. If it were not for individuals like Jason Hope, the forward-looking and relevant research of the SENS Foundation may never have had the opportunity to begin.

Jason Hope has an excellent education he acquired at the Arizona State University. Even towards the very start of his career he was focused on biotechnology, investing and philanthropy. He has created many companies during his career, become involved in the Internet of Things, mentored students attending high school, assisted entrepreneurs with the development of grant programs and given a lot back to the community. His is additionally dedicated to politics on a local and national level.

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