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The Work of Barbara Stokes in Helping the Hurricane Harvey Victims

Barbara Stokes a vast experience when it comes to Disaster Relief management. She studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Mercer University. She uses her vast experience in material properties and structures, thermodynamics, the management of manufacturing and technical communication to help in running Green Structure Homes which is based in Alabama. She previously held different positions at Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she used her skills to work alongside the government on contracts. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

After the Hurricane Harvey, a lot of people were left homeless and stranded. Federal Emergency Management Agency, a government agency, saw the need to assist the victims of the hurricane by helping them get shelter. They contracted Green Structure Homes and gave them a contract worth 28.5 million dollars to help in disaster relief. Barbara Stokes, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, brought her experience of working with government contracts to assist with the implementation of this contract. Green Structure Homes is located in Alabama but due to the urgency and intensity of the work required before delivering these homes, they had to expand their operations into various states. They were going to expand their manufacturing firm into Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Minnesota and Florida. This expansion would lead to job opportunities in these states and their surroundings. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Green Structure Homes was tasked with providing modular homes over a short period of time to assist in the management of the disaster that had occurred during the hurricane. Barbara was very excited about the opportunity as they were helping the affected as they created job opportunities for others while improving the business of the communities. As much as they were to be delivered within a fast turnaround time, quality was their number one priority. Apart from been very good at management of disasters, Barbara is a dedicated mother and a Huntsville community volunteer.

The Company provides innovative, quality and a variety of solutions to individuals, companies and the government when it comes to disaster management. The way in which they build their homes is admirable as they focus on providing quality steel or wood frame homes as needed. Their designs are advanced and the technology used is exemplary. Barbara Stokes continues to use her experience of over 3 decades to guide the company towards a successful future as they help others in the community. Together with her team, she works towards ensuring that their product stands out, their customer service is excellent and they are constantly working towards managing disasters in the best and quickest way.


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