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Cassio Audi: A Legend in the Brazilian Music Industry

Before joining the finance industry, Cassio Audi was a well-accomplished musician with the Brazilian band, Viper. He joined the band in 1985 as a drummer, lyricist, and vocalist, in addition to conducting marketing for the band’s songs and albums. Cassio Audi began his music career together with four of his friends: Felipe, Pit, Yves, and Machado Andre. Together they formed the band viper which did very well in the late 80’s.

About Viper

Viper produced its first demo album The Killer Sword with music tracks such as Killera, Nightmare, and Princes from Hell. Given that English was a second language for the band members, many critics and fans said the album needed refining and tuning. However, the production team believed in the band’s talent and encouraged it to produce its first album, Soldiers of Sunrise, in 1987. The album contained some of the songs in the demo album that had been adjusted to improve their quality. Allmusic gave the album a four-star rating, which catapulted the band to the international stage. Cassio Audi and Viper performed on many international stages including in Europe and the rest of America. The band’s second album, Theater of Fate, was released in 1989 before Cassio left the band to go and pursue his studies at the university.

Cassio Audi in the Music Industry

Cassio Audi is remembered for his tenacity in the band. He not only had a strong work ethic, but he also presented his music ideas well. He is remembered for his persistence in pitching his song ideas, which ensured that the band produced high quality music for its fans. Through his efforts, the band got massive airplay on the radio waves and also performed on many international stages. The band is remembered for its electric performances and the huge following it garnered over a short period of time. Cassio Audi still remains a legend in the Brazilian music scene not only for his drumming skills, but also because of his vocals and song composition.

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