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Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

*A Closer look at Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

A Cancer diagnosis if frightening for any person as well as their family members. It is important that the Cancer patient receive best possible care and treatment during this very difficult and trying time. Cancer Treatment Centers of America can provide expert care as well as an environment that will help the patient focus on treating their Cancer in any way possible.

Cancer Treatment Centers treat a variety of Cancers including Breast, Colon, Prostate, Bladder, Ovarian, Lung and much more. CTC has locations in Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta as well as Tulsa Oklahoma. Dr. Emil Abramian is a Critical Care Physician based out of Philadelphia. Dr. Abramian has a reputation for treating patients like a family member. Providing care and emotional support can help the Cancer patient better cope with the undesirable changes that their Cancer causes.

CTC has a team of professional Physician’s that will properly diagnose and make treatment suggestions to the patient. Sometimes, Cancer treatment involves Surgery followed by Chemo-Therapy and Radiation. Cancer Treatment Centers use state of the art technology to properly treat Cancer and improve the chances of remission or cure.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the few facilities that use Genomic Medicine to treat certain cancers. In addition, CTC also participates in clinical trials which offer new hope in discovering new Cancer fighting drugs. Genomic mutations plays a significant role in developing certain Cancers. The better understanding that Physician’s and researchers have about Genomic mutations will enable Physicians to treat Cancer more aggressively and more cures could result.

Patients are encouraged to attend in house support groups which can help patient better cope with their illness through group and individual therapy. Patients have the opportunity to meet other Cancer patients and their share story. The emotional toll that Cancer can take on a person can be devastating.

Finally, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has representative available to take your calls and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Please view the web site at The web site does offer an on line chat feature that may be utilized during certain times of the day. Timing can mean everything when a Cancer diagnosis is made. If you were diagnosed with Cancer do not be afraid to seek help by contacting CTC as soon as possible.

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