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Being success isn’t easy but Louis Chenevert knows the way!

In regards to former CEO of United Technologies, Louis Chenevert was the man to look up to when wanting to be successful. Before his time at UTC, Chenevert worked his way up and began building a very successful line of businesses. After taking the UTC CEO job, Chenevert looked to grow the company farther than anyone dreamed. He spent most of his first year trying to make a deal with Goodrich, a supplier of systems aerospace companies. If he could make this deal happen and eventually merge with Goodrich, it could be the best thing to happen in such a large industry of aerospace suppliers. Chenevert made it happen with a $18.4 billion deal, which made this merge very powerful in the industry. The deal really brought Chenevert the name of fame and his Alma Mater gave him an honorary doctorate in line with the success he had brought upon himself. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

After merging with Goodrich, the two companies worked to create a geared turbofan engine. Although the project was expensive, Louis Chenevert was able to offer it to Pratt & Whitney due to the engine being perfect for their plane’s body shape. Over 14 airliners now fly with these engines and it continues to grow everyday. In regards to being a business for aerospace manufacturing and technology, Chenevert focused on bringing engineers to his company in order to gain a higher profit. With that forward thinking, he was able to get engineers to come and work for him at the companies headquarters in Connecticut. With Chenevert’s knowledge on the market, he knows how to profit and how each little sub-area runes. For example, the demand cycles in the commercial world and the military world run differently. His goal is to ultimately grow the aerospace maximization for profit and find where aerospace can help in any little area.

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With his success, Louis Chenevert is one of a kind in business and many models of it can be learned from him. The education and experience he brought to the field is unparalleled, especially with his business mindset. Louis Chenevert is success. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

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