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A Comprehensive Background Check On Tony Petrello

Leadership is vital to the success of the company. Tony Petrello has been in the limelight as the CEO of Nabors Industries. Since 1991, he has worked with Nabors who are involved in natural gas drilling. They have over 500 rigs in 25 countries.

Tony Petrello was born and raised in Newark, and he was a bright student with his math abilities especially calculus. These unique skills got recognized by Yale University who offered him a scholarship where he studied Mathematics.

At Yale, he crossed paths with Serge Lang who was a mathematician as well as a professor who became Tony’s mentor. After graduation, he never pursued a math-related career but instead went on to Harvard Law School to pursue law.

His Business Career

After Harvard, he acquired a job at Baker & McKenzie which was a law firm. He specialized in corporate law. It’s during this time that he brushed shoulders with Nabors Industries who were impressed by his work. Nabors offered him a job which he later accepted, and he joined the company in 1991 where he as the chief operating officer.

At Nabor, he became a board member which he was later the chairman in 2012. He also got the CEO position in 2011 which he currently still holds.

His Achievements At Nabors

Tony has been involved in a series of acquisitions and purchases. One good example is the Grace Drilling purchased in 1993 and Superior Well Services in 2010.

The company’s share price tremendously increased. The company has grown and has become highly competitive. It has emerged as one of the largest drilling companies globally.

His Input In Texas Children’s Hospital

He has a wife named Cynthia. Ever since their daughter was born, she was born at only 24 weeks and had a neurological condition ever since. It is through their efforts of searching for a hospital that they came across Texas Children’s Hospital which helped in their daughter’s condition.

Ever since, the couple has made contributions for the construction of a research institute at the hospital for children with similar conditions as their daughter.

Tony Petrello has been involved in various charities. He has contributed at Yale University for the commemoration for his mentor Serge Lang.

All his achievements at Nabors can be attributed to the fact that he has unique leadership skills. His work ethics also have contributed. He has previously received one of the highest compensation among CEOs in the U.S.

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