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Cameron Clokie’s Efforts In Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has been in existence for a long time now. Regenerative medicines have the potential to significantly improve the state of a patient with common life-threatening conditions such as stroke, and heart disease as well as prolong their life. A lot of success has been achieved in the field despite the limited approvals and application in mainstream medical practice. However, the most disappointing part is that these breakthroughs have been noted not to reach the patients. The private sector as well has taken advantage of unavailability of regenerative medicine by purporting to give the desperate patients these therapies which make their state deteriorate even further. Some of the remarkable breakthroughs that have been helpful to patients include; blood transfusion scalds and severe burns and bone marrow transfer.

Scientists globally are working to exploit regenerative medicine in treating common injuries, and diseases and many achievements have been made too. A chip technology, for example, is one of the latest life-changing discoveries made by the scientists. This chip has the potential of changing one cell to another to achieve total healing. Despite the overwhelming results achieved through regenerative therapy, it is costly because of the production costs in addition to the need for highly trained staff.

Cameron Clokie attests to all these overwhelming benefits of regenerative medicine. Dr. Cameron clokie is a regenerative medicine expert and scientist. He has been at the forefront of steering regenerative medicine to the next level in his work at Induce Biologistics In. and his numerous publications He is also a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Clokie’s efforts in academic dentistry alongside clinical practice have seen him earn the title of the Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. His latest workplace was the University of Toronto where he worked as a professor before retiring this year.

As the CEO of Induce Biologistics Inc., Clokie’s primary objective is to come up with innovations that will particularly enable musculoskeletal restoration which is achieved by use of proteins. As part of his charitable works, he intends to find cheaper ways of producing the proteins so that many people can afford the surgery in future.

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