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The Activities of Cancer Treatment Center of America

Cancer Treatment Center of America decided to partner with several institution such as LabCorpso as to help the patients to offer prostate cancer and screenings to the community. It is the best facility when it comes to treating cancer as the patients get quick recovery and praise the institution for changing their lives.

CTCA creator has been recognized and respected by the community at large as he has been able to get an award like Horatio Alger Award this year for helping the society. Cancer Treatment Center of America headquarter is based in Florida which serves all patients across the country of USA. Besides treating cancer, it also gives therapies such as pain, nausea, depression and anxiety.

It was formed back in 1988 by Richard Stephenson. He formed the facility after losing his mother due to cancer, he felt that the treatment given was not enough hence encouraging him to build the institution. It has grown over the past to be prosperous, CTCA was able to build four other institution in different location after seven years.

Over the years, it has been able to create employment opportunities by expanding and establishing more facilities in the health department. The facilities offer the same treatments and therapies as the initial facility that was created. CTCA has been honored with several wards such as Top Performance on the Key Measures and the Magnet Award for its proper services and treatment to its patients. CTCA also provides treats cancer with different method such as surgery and chemotherapy.

In assisting the community, CTCA has several occasions in five hospitals across USA which screens, treats patients and offer therapies for free annually. Some include, the CTCA in Tulsa which hosts an occasion for local colleges, high schools and local leaders in the region treat the one suffering from the illness.

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