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OSI Industry: A Leader in Global Food Solutions

Global food solutions is big business and there are numerous global food providers to get the job done. Unfortunately, all food suppliers aren’t created equal and this notion rings true to the highest degree. One of the major organizations that defies all of the odds is OSI Industries, and it encompasses every aspect of the business. As of today, the organization is worth over $7 billion and Forbes has ranked it as one of the Top 100 Companies in the U.S. What exactly does OSI Industries do? The answer is simple, but it can be complex at the same time. In other words, OSI develops, distributes, processes and manages custom food products. The entire gambit of operations is fully-covered from top-to-bottom.

As a small meat market back in its early stages, the company has been located in numerous areas such as Maywood and Oak Park, Illinois. As of today, it is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but its gigantic footprint can be seen all around the world. Over 20,000 employees work under this umbrella, and the employees work in some of the finest of facilities. These facilities are technologically advanced, which helps to ensure the public of the best possible outcome when producing foods. Over 17 nations on a worldwide scale benefit from OSI Industries. The statistical numbers are simply amazing. One of the largest benefits in doing any kind of business is mergers. OSI Industries understand the importance of spreading its talent as it has acquired two of Europe’s most prominent food supplying brands. BAHO Food and Flagship Europe are now under this umbrella and this merger has helped OSI Industries to expand in unchartered territories. The organization’s global presence has been strengthened even more by these acquisitions and an additional 18 more countries will receive the fruits of this valiant labor.

Tyson Foods is another one of OSI’s acquired companies. This 200,000 square-foot facility was purchased for $7.4 million, and it’s very close to other OSI facilities in the area. When it comes to business, you have to spend money in order to make money and no one seems to do it any better than OSI Industries.

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