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The Story About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses a patient-centered approach to the treatment of cancers of all kinds. They use an integrated approach meaning that methods of treatments are pinpointed to the type of cancer and its severity. No one is exactly alike when it comes to cancer, so the traditional treatments of radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy are enhanced with more personal and natural means.

The doctors at Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat only cancer and nothing else, which means they can specialize and concentrate on treatment recipes that cater to the individual according to the specific needs that the individual has. A full assessment is taken regarding each patient and a thorough treatment plan is devised that will give the best medical and natural treatment for patient.

Each patient has a team of doctors and support staff assigned to him or her. Not only must the cancer be treated and eradicated, but the side effects must be managed as well. Pain, nausea, diet, nutrition and other side effects must be managed as well so the patient can display maximum strength at all times.

The integrated method of treatment includes not only chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, but nutritional support, naturopathic medicine, immunotherapy, emotional counseling, family counseling, spiritual support, acupuncture, massage and many other treatments that help the process.

Many people are not aware that 80 percent of adults who are being treated for cancer are malnourished, thus 1 out of 2 cancer patients have some form of nutritional deficit. Nearly 7 to 8 out of 10 patients experiencing cancer treatment are experiencing fatigue most of the time.

In order to fight cancer it is important to keep the bodily defense system in the best shape possible so the immune system can fight the disease. The advantage of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is that all of these resources are located under one roof for ease and simplicity of the patient and the family.

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