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Did Cassio Audi leave the Music Scene too soon?

Cassio Audi, one of the authorities in Brazil’s investment world is probably one of the most gifted musicians the country ever produced. In his teenage years, he brought to the nation Heavy metal with his four friends. His stint in the industry, however, lasted less than a decade but it seems he left both an impact and a void only his talent can refill.

Heavy Metal to Latin America

In the early 80s, Heavy metal was the trending music genre in Europe. The Elizabethan style took the radio waves, and the won the love of many youths. However, no Brazilian band played it. Cassio Audi and his friends chose to defy the inexperience of their youth and showcase their talent and creativity. They created the Vipers rock band and specialized in producing original Heavy metal songs for the Latin American world. Read more about Cassio Audi at

A household name

From their hometown of Sao Paulo, Cassio Audi and his crew of young Rock stars took over the radio waves. Soon, they began performing concerts and festivals. The Vipers became the hit of the town and a household name among rock music fans. In 1986, they did a demo album launch, and the demand for a real album was too high that they recorded their first album the following year.


Curtain Closes

Soldiers of Sunrise, The Vipers debut album, topped the charts as soon as it hit the market. It remained so until in the mid-90s. It is impossible to miss out Cassio Audi’s prowess on the drum set in the record. However, as the group gained more fame and planned for the next album, Cassio Audi left the music industry to join the financial world. All the fans that enjoyed the group’s first album agree that the talented musician departed from the scene too soon. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

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