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How Don Ressler’s experience in the Fashion Industry has facilitated the Success of Fabletics

Consumers of fashion products in the United States’ market have always been stuck between buying quality and fashionable products. Don Ressler understands customers’ needs and has utilized his knowledge to establish a thriving athletic wear company. The entrepreneur co-founded Fabletics since he felt that the activewear sector had a gap that needed to be filled. Products that were offered at that time could not match the taste of most consumers. Fabletics joined the fashion industry in 2013, and it has been dedicated to delivering personalized, trendy, and affordable clothes to women across the United States. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have managed to grow the brand due to their commitment to satisfying the needs of the clients. The brand’s products have been designed to make women feel active, comfortable, and sexy.

Adam Goldenberg and Ressler have worked closely with Kate Hudson to ensure that the fashion company becomes successful. The two businessmen approached Hudson to be their partner in the business and the face of the brand due to her celebrity status as a Hollywood actress. She is quite appealing to the clients due to her outstanding personality. Kate has excellent media skills, and this has allowed her to become a perfect ambassador and spokesperson for Fabletics. She has helped in growing the athleisure wear enterprise into a multi-million dollar business.

When Fabletics was established, Don Ressler and its other two co-founders faced a few challenges including delivering athleisure wear products that are fashionable and functional to the clients. This has been a significant problem for many businesses in the sector. Ressler and Goldenberg earned experience from running JustFab, and therefore, they were able to grow the athleisure wear enterprise. Fabletics has established its online presence and reputation well, and this has made it more appealing to the consumers than its competitors. Hudson makes impressive short clips that she posts online to attract people to join Fabletic’s subscriptions services.

Fabletics’ e-commerce platform is unique since it provides membership plans for its customers. The subscribers of the company’s services enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent and outstanding after sales services that include free shipping, monthly gifts, and reward points. The firm is devoted to offering all clients products that match their taste, and therefore, it requests them to complete a short quiz that asks about personal information about them. The Fabletics brand’s reputation stands out because of its ability to satisfy the fashion needs of customers.

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