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The Impact of Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics has been helping people across the nation for quite some time. This successful biopharmaceutical company was started in Cranbury, New Jersey. For many years this company has been focused on the therapy for rare diseases, in particular a group of diseases known as lysosomal storage disorders. This is a global biotech company that is currently at the forefront of advanced therapies. Their work continues to impact many people all across the world.

Amicus Therapeutics has worked with major companies and people around the globe In 2010 the company worked with UCLA and famous actor Michael J Fox. The company received more than half a million dollars for various research studies. Furthermore Amicus also received a grant from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. These funds help conduct research in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Currently Amicus is focused on their lead product candidate migalastat. Currently in development, this product is designed to treat a rare disorder called Fabry disease. Amicus Therapeutics is leveraging their therapy technologies to create a therapy for Fabry disease and other dis-orders including Pompe disease.


The team at Amicus Therapeutics has developed a series of comprehensive and robust treatments that benefit a wide range of human diseases After years of success the company continues to be committed to providing advanced therapies that can benefit people all across the globe. Their success has allowed them to partner with major organizations resulting in an even more widespread effect. With such an amazing track record their work is sure to continue to make an impact for many years to come. Visit Yahoo Finance to learn more about Amicus Therapeutics.

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