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Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot in Colorful Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is a prominent figure, especially in the dating scene. The businesswoman has started several business ventures in the recent times, and most of them have been very successful. Wolfe is still very young, but she has managed to grow some of the most respected dating apps in the United States. The businesswoman has assisted very many young people to live a happy life by helping them find love.

Not long ago, Wolfe tied the knot. According to her friends and relatives, the businesswoman is now married to her longtime boyfriend who has invested in the oil department. Wolfe married her boyfriend, Michael Herd in a very colorful wedding that was attended by her close relatives and members. It’s now that Wolfe is no longer in the singles club anymore. The prestigious wedding was held in one of the most respected coast regions in Italy, and it brought together important people in the society. Herd is from a wealthy family, and he has been dating Wolfe for a while now.

Wolfe and Michael Herd are not like the ordinary couple. The two did not announce the wedding plans to the general public. The couple has not announced that they are already married. However, their friends and relatives have decided to post pictures in social media, congratulating the two and wishing them the best in their future life. It’s evident from the pictures posted that the couple was very excited about the new chapter in their lives. The pictures show that the event was held in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The friends and relatives in the event were from the corporate world in the department.

Whitney Wolfe and her oil heir husband have been dating for several years now. According to close sources, the couple met in a special event that was held on Valentine’s Day. They have been dating since then, and they chose to get engaged in July this year. The wedding preparation started after the engagement.

Whitney Wolfe is very popular in the corporate world. This is because of her numerous contributions in the dating world. Wolfe is the founder of a company known as Bumble. The dating app has been in the market for a long time, and it has been influential in the lives of many people under the leadership of the successful Wolfe. The app has assisted many people to find love.

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