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Rick Smith’s Focus on Safety and Crime Prevention

Rick Smith is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. The company has a specialty in both criminal and civil justice technology solutions that focus on preventing and solving crimes that include those committed by incarcerated criminals. It is a leading provider of technologies that help protect the society and businesses. Rick Smith’s impeccable character, experience, and enthusiasm led to his appointment as the head of Securus Technologies.

Rick Smith is a committed executive who advocated the investment of US $600 million in the acquisition and development of a myriad of security, safety, and efficiency related products over a short period of three years. He acknowledged the need to add quality to the human resource in his company and that is why he employed John Bell as the senior vice president of sales. Rick Smith describes John Bell as an experienced salesman in terms of transformation and evolution of sales teams. He added John Bell to the company so that they could efficiently present their expanded product set. Rick Smith is a good manager because Smith gives credit to his employees where it is due. He described John Bell as being able to transform organizational performance and culture into exceptional growth, performance, and developing outstanding sales leaders.

Mr. Richard Falcone, the former CEO of Securus Technologies installed Mr. Rick Smith as the new CEO because he had an excellent background, breadth of experience, set of skills, and an impressive track record to lead the company. Rick Smith had a rich experience base in telecom. He had initially held a series of positions in many disciplines at a renowned corporation which included information technology, finance, business development, and much more. He had been the CEO of another big company for nine years during which time he grew the company’s revenue more than ten-fold.

Positive letters and emails from Securus Technologies relate to hope and advocacy that incarceration is a better and safer alternative to leaving criminals out on the loose. If left to go scot-free, the criminals commit crimes and also create terrifying situations. CEO Rick Smith claims that Securus is a significant investment that assists corrections agencies and law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and help them prevent appalling social problems. Rick Smith also acknowledges receiving of appreciation emails and letters from customers expressing their gratitude for leaving in a safer society.

Mr. Smith contends that safety is a crucial component of the company in honoring to protect and serve the community. The executive is socially responsible for his fellow citizens. He fights to honor that both the incarcerated and their families live a safer life. Someone replied to Rick Smith’s comments about positive emails saying that the company has its focus on safety and crime prevention, two key things that matter most to people.

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