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Mexico Opens Up to Talos Energy

When it comes to oil and gas in Mexico, they usually have a local company drilling for it. This was the case for a long time, at least until recently. In the 2015 bidding war of the ages, various companies competed to win the rights to drill off the coast of Mexico. They didn’t all succeed. The few that did get to participate in the rare event. They are going to share the profits from an oil well that is holding from 100 million to 500 million barrels of the crude oil that other companies have been fighting over for ages.

Mexico always had Pemex, their national brand, do the work. But recently, the economy has shifted and they want to include foreign investors in the mix again. Three companies in particular did not waste any time in jumping in on the action. And experts are saying their presence is reason enough to watch the action, not to mention that the well has a high chance of succeeding. The three firms are Talos, Premier, and Sierra Oil and gas. The companies will split about a third each of the rights to the drilling.

Talos Energy is a company focusing on drilling and exploring for oil and gas. They have a lot of growth in recent years, having been founded only in 2012. They received equity backing to the tune of $600 million from day one. This allowed them to make crucial investments and compete in a large industry like oil and gas. They focus on the regions off the coast of Mexico and Texas.

The company has seen its employees rise from just about 12 to over 120 today. The reason is the unique way they get paid and management doing their best to motivate workers every day. The employees get a share of the profits. There are various other perks in the office to working at Talos like daycare and off days on certain occasions. The company was named the number one fastest growing company in their industry. They recently acquired an affiliate and have topped over $500 million in yearly revenues.

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