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5 EOS Lip Balms You Need For Fall

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) keeps your lips soft and smooth the natural way. With lots of fun flavors and no weird chemical ingredients, you can feel good about looking good with this brand!


  1. Holiday Lip Balm 2-Pack

You will have double the fall fun with this limited edition set! Sweet Vanilla Bean and warm and cozy Pumpkin Spice will remind you of your favorite autumn treats.


  1. Cooling Chamomile Medicated Lip Balm

Once the weather grows chilly, chances are your lips will feel dry and windburnt. Keep them looking and feeling their best with this balm. The nourishing natural oils paired with aloe and menthol soothe sore lips, plus the calming chamomile flavor will make you feel chill.


  1. Honey Apple Visibly Smooth Lip Balm

Have the sweet scent of an autumn apple orchard at your fingertips with this balm. Its formula of cocoa and shea butters plus 4 natural oils make your lips softer in an instant! Plus the pink packaging couldn’t be cuter to keep in your locker, desk, or pencil pouch.


  1. Coral Shimmer Lip Balm

You can have it all with this pretty balm! It adds a subtle touch of coral color (perfect for matching fall foliage) plus nourishing moisture for a kissable pout. It’s glam enough for the big dance or Halloween party but demure enough for the pumpkin patch, check it here at


  1. Vanilla Orchid Crystal Lip Balm

Looking for a wax-free, vegan way to soothe and smooth your kisser? Try this EOS flavored balm! Its clear formula contains an array of natural oils that provide weightless moisture for your lips. Plus the sweet floral scent will help you stand out in a sea of plain vanillas.


All flavors are now available here at


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