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EOS Lip Balm Flavors Are Natural

Take a look at the packaging and ingredients in some of the lip balms that are on the shelves in your local drug stores. Surprisingly, quite a few of the products contain ingredients that dry your lips instead of nourishing your lips. Certainly, those lip balms are not considered natural or organic. EOS lip balm products are purely natural products that smooth and nourish your lips with all natural ingredients.


EOS Lip Balms Are Not A Fad

A lot of the products on the market are gimmicky. Those products come and go quickly because they do not have staying power. Products with staying power introduce something new to the market and people respond to them in a positive way. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth introduced a purely natural lip balm to the market that included nourishing and softening ingredients for the lips. From day 1, the lip balms received a very positive response. EOS lip balms contain natural ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The product is definitely not a fad and has attracted millions of loyal fans across the world. You may purchase it here at


Appealing To Millenials

It’s interesting to note that the traditional lip balms that filled the shelves at local retailers appealed mostly to older women. However, EOS wanted to shake up the market. They decided to hop on the social media bandwagon and market the EOS lip balms to Millennials that were big fans of social media sites like YouTube and Twitter. In addition, they relied on beauty bloggers to spread the word about EOS Lip Balm too. It appears, their strategy worked.


Evolution Of Smooth

The Evolution Of Smooth’s co-founder, Sanjiv Mehra, is always moving forward and improving the product. Recently, they introduced several improvements to the lip balms and created a New Vegan Crystal Flavors lip balm for their fans to enjoy.


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