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Sentient AI Growing Profits in E-commerce

E-commerce is catching up fast, and it seems that everyone prefers to do their shopping online. An online platform like Amazon should ensure that they can attract and maintain customers and that is where Sentient Aware comes in handy. It is an AI-powered e-commerce recommendation engine. Sentient Aware learns customer’s preference so that it becomes easy for one to get what they are searching for on a site. Building company’s own AI recommendation engine may take some time, but as long as it picks up, it becomes one of the best decisions for the company ever made. Amazon has a great e-commerce recommendation engine, no wonder they maintain their position of being the top online platform worldwide.



E-commerce recommendation engine also raises the profits of a company. Increase in earnings is possible because more clients are finding it easy to shop on the organization’s site. The E-commerce recommendation engine can narrow down products that suit customer’s taste and can even recommend similar ones that might interest them. New customers get recommendations according to other customers who have similar tastes and preferences.


It can be disappointing for a client if the product they are interested in is out of stock or does not have the correct size. Thanks to the recommendation engine, a company does not have to worry about that. The engine recommends similar products and even gives the ones with right proportions. This is why Amazon makes so much profit since they can maintain their customers. Customers like it when they can find what they are looking for, when they need it or at least get something that is a bit different but similarly impressive. The feature comes in handy since customers can feel that they can depend on the site.


Ease in shopping

The ease of shopping on an organization’s site that has the recommendation engine makes the customers return. Clients may not even remember that they need something until they see it. This becomes an easy way of making profits through the e-commerce recommendation engine. Statistics have shown that many products sold are the ones usually not in the customer’s budget. The impulse buyers spend more as compared to those clients who have a plan. The recommendation engine promotes a company’s products when recommendations are made to customers as browse through the things they are interested in.

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