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Drew Madden Launches A New Healthcare IT Firm

Drew Madden has launched a new healthcare IT company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company will focus on providing clients with implementation and advisory services for multiple enterprise EHR platforms. The company also specializes in HCIT applications. Previously, Madden served as Nordic’s president.

Speaking during the launch, the entrepreneur noted that the company would have Talent Management Solutions. These services will enable Evergreen Healthcare Partners to assist its clients to achieve their long-term success. Moreover, the company will be able to work closely with other organizations in developing talent solutions that are both comprehensive and scalable. Madden is Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ managing director.

The other entrepreneurs involved in the launch were Aaron Friedman, Rebecca Bottorff, and Jeff Leach. Each of these co-founders will also be a managing partner. The team focuses on ensuring that health organizations maximize their investments in IT, thus higher customer satisfaction. This way, many companies will be able to generate increased revenues and profitability margins.

Drew Madden is a renowned entrepreneur and investor. He has loads of experience in implementing, managing, optimizing, and advising EMR projects. In his ten years of working in the industry. Drew has gained immense knowledge on technical EMR, project management, and consulting operations. His services have helped healthcare IT leaders to come up with high quality implementation teams.

Madden began his career in the healthcare IT industry by working for Cerner Corporation. In this firm, the executive focused on implementing inpatient clinical solution. Drew worked for the firm for four years before joining Healthia Consulting in 2005. After two years, Ingenix Consulting acquired the firm. He continued working for the company for a further two years. He was promoted to serve in a business development position. Drew served in this position until he joined Nordic Corporation as its president. At Nordic, he oversaw business development, and recruitment functions. He was also in charge of ensuring that Nordic had an outstanding relationship with its clients. Madden rendered his services within the United States and internationally. Later, he deemed it fit to use his skills and experience to build his own company. Together with three like-minded entrepreneurs, Madden incorporated Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Drew is one of the company’s managing directors.

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