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Anthony Petrello, Leading the Oil Sector through Nabors Industries

The Nabors Industries Ltd. is an international geothermal, oil, and natural gas drilling terrestrial company which was initially known as Anglo Energy, Ltd. It was founded in 1968, and Anthony G Petrello was hired in 1991 as the company’s Deputy Chairman. Nabors Industries is now the world’s biggest land driller having about 500 rigs operating in over 25 countries.

Anthony Petrello worked under the leadership of Eugene Isenberg, and in 2002, the company expanded to Hamilton, Bermuda, but still maintained its head offices in Houston. Over the years, Anthony worked hard, and by 2011, he was able to succeed Eugene and became the company’s CEO. Since then, the company has seen a record of vibrant improvement and boasts of up to 180% share price.

In 2013, Tony Petrello was privileged to appear among the 50 most paid CEOs. Before settling at Nabors Industries, Petrello worked at a law firm; the Baker and Mckenzie. He served as the firm’s corporate taxes specialist.

Other than working hard to better his company, Anthony Petrello has also been a great asset to the health industry. His inspiration was steered by his daughter’s illness that was quite a mystery to him and his wife. Carena, at a tender age, had been identified with the periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). This majorly affected her optimum childhood development, and Anthony was determined to find a solution not only to her daughter but all other helpless children worldwide.

Through the Texas Children’s Hospital Foundation, Tony, who is part of the board of trustees, children with neurological conditions now have hope for a brighter future. Nabors Industries’ CEO has shown great success not only in his career but by the way he is giving back to the society generously. His success is highly attributed to his natural abilities, creativity, and persistent efforts.

About Anthony Petrello.
Tony was raised and brought up in Newark, N.J. His academic life was dynamic ranging from attending public schools and has had the reputation of being a remarkable mathematician. He later joined Yale University where he was accorded with a scholarship. It was at Yale University where he met his other half, Cynthia.

Surprising enough, Anthony did not pursue mathematics as many thought he would. Alternatively, he joined Harvard Law School where he took a career turn and studied law. Anthony since then is an inspiration to many, and his success story is one of a kind.

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