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Talkspace, therapy at your fingertips

Talkspace is a popular therapy app that allows you to connect directly with a licensed therapist to guide you during life’s difficult times. The app lets the patient have a text conversation with the therapist in a safe and anonymous environment. While the service is not free, it is incredibly affordable and it allows the average person to consult with a trained mental health professional anytime, anywhere. The app even allows for video consultations, for those instances when only a face to face conversation will do.

Talkspace’s blog is filled with a wealth of information, both on interesting relevant topics and with information about their team of counselors. Their articles are very helpful and surprisingly personal. For instance, Divorcing a Sociopath relates the very real struggle that people who are going thru this process experience. Reading it can really strike a chord in someone who is going thru a similar situation, while also dispelling some of the common myths people have regarding individuals who suffer from the disease. It also provides a step by step guide to help people in similar circumstances as to how to proceed during the messy process. I was surprised as to how easily a perfectly normal looking individual could be harboring the disorder while living a seemingly unremarkable life.

The stigma of depression deals with the reaction well meaning people have towards people who suffer from depression. For people who have not gone thru the experience, depression can seem rather frivolous; Something that one should snap out of without so much as a slap in the face or a word of encouragement. For the depressed individuals these callous responses only accentuate their feelings of isolation and pushes them to bottle up their emotions in front of their kind hearted but misinformed loved ones. Talkspace can be very helpful for people in those situations.

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