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A Look at Pennsylvania’s Laws with Karl Heideck

     When it comes to laws some of them are quite humorous with others bordering on ridiculous they exist around the country with every state having its fair share. The trend is reflected in Pennsylvania and according to Karl Heideck these laws cover different sectors and can be broken down to these individual categories:


For hunting enthusiast, the state government of Pennsylvania doesn’t allow hunters to shoot animals in graveyards while at the same time there are statues that only apply to large beasts.The state has prohibited the hunting of animals as they swim regardless of which body of water they are in.  Meaning if you went hunting and that deer spots you and dives into a river or dam the law automatically kicks in and as long as it remains there its protected from the hunter’s bullet.


Anglers also have there set of unusual rules. When fishing and the last bait has been hooked it is illegal to use common carp, goldfish, koi, or comets as bait. There are laws that have banned certain techniques altogether this would include having dynamite for fishing.


In Pennsylvania, the use of a paintball has some restrictions that come with it. You are forbidden from aiming and or shooting at nonparticipants of your game.In the case of incurring damage to someone’s property when using a paintball gun, you are held liable by the state.


In Pennsylvania, the law states a child is entitled to have a lavatory within 200 feet of there bedrooms. This is in order to accord the child convenience and easy access whenever they have the urge.The statute, however, has some exemptions which include People who live or are using a travel trailer.

Marriage and vows

When it comes to marriage in keystone it is illegal to fire guns or cannons in the celebrations.To ministers who conduct the ceremonies it is illegal to marry inebriated couples tie the knot meaning that the vows of a drunk partner may be invalidated. This may save some couples the sudden urge to get married as a result of intoxication.

Karl Heideck has been practicing law in the state for the last 10 years he is well vast with the state and federal requirements and has assisted numerous clients with their legal issues.Karl Heideck attendend Swarthmore College for his bachelor’s degree and graduated in 2003. He then went on to study for his JD at the Templeton University Beasley School of Law it was after this that he was admitted to the bar.

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