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Eric Lekofsky The Angel From Detroit

Eric Lekofsky is not only the billionaire co-founder of Groupon but has teamed up with his law school buddy again to help improve the treatment for cancer patients. His new company, Tempus, uses new technology to collect genomic and clinical data during the treatment of cancer patients.

This newly developed technology helps put the data collected to work by personalizing treatment They are focusing on genomic sequencing in order to customize the cancer patients treatment. Tempus has gained partnerships with the Mayo Clinic , Duke University School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic to name just a few.

Eric Lekofsky started his first business his freshmen year at the University of Michigan, selling carpet. Lekofsky graduated in 1991 with a Bachelors in Arts of Science. He would then go on to receive his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School.

Widely known for co-founding Groupon, Eric Lekofsky and his law school buddy have co–found multiple companies which includes Tempus, Uptake, Lightbank, MediaOcean, and Echo Global Logistics. Their first business together was an apparel company called Brandon Apparel.

Eric Lekofsky comes from Detroit and is the father of 3 children. He has his own charitable organization, the Lekofsky Foundation, with a diverse focus mainly in support of children. He is on the board of directors for the Art Institute of Chicago and the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.Lekofsky was also part of the committee that brought the Olympics to/Chicago in 2016.

Eric Lekofsky has a long track record of using his financial game to improve the community. Now with Tempus, Eric Lekofsky is opening a company to hep better the quality of life for patients during cancer treatment.


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