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James Dondero Gifts Dallas a New Hippo Zoo

James Dondero has given a gift to the various Hippo lovers across the nation. After a long year of construction and anticipation, the new zoo is ready to open its 2.1 acres Hippo post. The new hippo habitat is immersive and naturalistic waterhole habitat that features a breathtaking underwater scenery. The display window is quite large allowing then different viewers to freely and comfortably enjoy the view.

Some of the significant donors towards the wildlife and environmental protection is the Highland Capital management company. The firm is co-founded by James Dondero, an investment mogul who also doubles up as the owner. The company gave over $1 million to fund the entire hippo conservancy project. The amount given was used to develop the 4485 square foot area that will be used for educational as well as other private exhibitions.

Over the last few years, the James Dondero led company has been giving donations to various non-governmental bodies in the world. Whereas one may be easily misguided that the firm Dondero focuses on dishing out money, such line of thought is fallacious and untrue. Mr. Dondero has continually interrogated how the money and other resources that he or the company gives are used. In achieving this, he hires very qualified people to the management team. In that way, he can provide counsel and advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs and business people in the nation.

James Dondero believes that the most valuable asset in your company is your employees and your customers. If your workers are happy, the chances are high that they will serve the customers well. In turn, the clients will patronize your business and also approach their friends on the superiority of your services. To achieve this fact, the employees must be given some responsibility that makes them feel appreciated and honored. Mr. Dondero allows his employees to sit in various board meetings that touch on the profitability of the firm. In such a way, the employees will contribute directly on the subject matters that they feel should be addressed. Doing so ensures that the workers own the decisions that are passed, they will, therefore, be very grateful when implementing them.

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