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Rocketship Has Continued Growing While Rejuvenating Itself with Lessons Picked Along the Way

Every successful life journey is always marked with stopovers and lessons picked along the way. The same is not different for the high-rising school, Rocketship. In the ten years of its journey since opening its doors in San Jose, California, the school has been equipping itself with strategies of improving the service to the communities.

Personalized Teaching

Rocketship has been in the first lane advocating for the adoption of technology in schools. It was the first in the industry to introduce personalized learning to the mode of teaching. It, however, learned that the strategy is better executed from the home perspective. It is for this reason that Rocketship started the annual home visits that have simplified the model. The school is focused on fighting for equity in the public schools. This mission merged with the beyond classroom initiative calls for total dedication. To succeed in the visions, Rocketship has concentrated on elementary schools while shying away from the k-12 system.

Parents Empowerment

Rocketship has worked hard to provide good foundations to its students at the elementary level. It would be a waste if the same students proceeded to middle and high schools that do not match the standards. Along the way, Rocketship learned that the only way to ensure these schools offer quality education was by receiving the necessary pressure from parents. In this breadth, the school has continued to empower parents to raise their voices and be heard.

Embracing All

Rocketship admits kids from all walks of life, race, and creed. The school learned the impact that diversifying teachers can make as compared to diversifying students. For this lesson, teachers are deployed to the children of color rather than them leaving their communities. The management of the school has demonstrated its belief in the school system by leading by example. Their kids attend the schools evidencing this trait. Rocketship has also learned to enter into strategic partnerships while wearing the badge of public schools with pride.

About Rocketship

Rocketship Education is a group of 18 charter elementary schools established on a non-profit basis. The school endeavors to provide kids from needy communities with a quality education. Rocketship has schools in Bay Area, Nashville, Washington DC, and Milwaukee.

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