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Greg Secker: A Forex mentor, and a philanthropist

Greg Secker a renowned trader in the stock and foreign exchange markets. He is the owner of SmartCharts Software, Capital Invest, Learn to Trade and the Greg Secker Foundation for the charity works. He has worked for Thomas Cook Financial Services and the Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg Secker became a multi-millionaire while still in his twenties from the money he earned trading in the financial Market. In fact, he quit employment at Mellon Financial Corporation after making so much that there was no need to continue staying in formal employment. He holds the achievement of being the first person to create an online trading platform that could relay information on foreign exchange quotes in real time.


He left formal employment and started his own company Learn to Trade. The aim of this company is to pass on information that he has acquired trading to as many people as possible. True to this, since its creation Learn to Trade has helped thousands of people learn how to trade and attained the financial freedom that they are looking for.


Due to in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, Greg Secker is regularly invited by the business media to help them analyze the markets. His opinion on the market direction is highly valued. He has been into interviews with the biggest business media players such as the CNBC and Bloomberg. Greg Secker also happens to be a good speaker and is normally invited to talk shows and conferences alongside prominent speakers such as Dr. De Martini, Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki among others.


Having accomplished so much at a very young age, Greg is always out there participating in programs that aim to give back to the community. He has been involved in charity programs such as the Royal Princes chosen causes and the Child Bereavement Trust. To make the charity work more efficient he started the Greg Secker Foundation in 2011. The aim of this foundation is to positively influence the quality of life for needy people all over the world. The foundation has initiatives in the areas of education, leadership and life skills.

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