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James Dondero-Managing Billions Of Assets Under Highland Capital Management

From asset management to accounts structuring, an investment advisor is an individual who is involved in the evaluation of a project that is to be invested in with the aim of giving advice as well as a predictable future of its viability. The role of an investment manager encompasses finding out if the venture is viable economically. As a result, many investors end up hiring an investment advisor.


To be a good investment advisor one must be good at interpreting different market structures. It is also important to be poignant at offering advice concerning the possible future of the docket. A perfect figure that suits this description is James Dondero. He is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. His skills and passion in this field have turned many heads to his firm. Having garnered significant experience at a young age, James is better placed to offer valid advice concerning the risks of investing in different market shares.


Dondero understands that clients come from different backgrounds; meaning that clients have different investment budgets. It, therefore, boils down to the amount of resources an individual is willing to risk. Aside from this factor, Dondero understands that investment entails constructive work with the aim of predicting the viability of the project. He, therefore, arms himself with concrete information concerning various investment dockets that a client wishes to invest resources in. This understanding has always earned Dondero credit. Clients continue to flock Highland Capital Management for advice on investment and its risks. Most of these clients have given positive feedback, honoring Dondero in different sectors of investment.


Highland Capital Management has done a great job at helping clients in securing the right investment structure. Constantly working with their teams to offer valid advice, the company has stellar reputation because of its dedication to offer high-notch services. Since its establishment, Highland Capital Management has served more than 3 million clients. With its affiliates, the company is set to grow tremendously. The future of Highland Capital Management rests in the leadership structure. As at now, James Dondero’s values define the company’s position.

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