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Rick Smith And The Development Progress At Securus Technologies

JPay Company was acquired to partner with Securus in providing the ultimate platform for education, digitized payments, entertainment, and communications in the correctional sector. Furthermore, JPay is the leading provider of technology when it comes to electronic payments and emails. It even hosts educational and entertainment related applications. According to the CEO, Rick Smith, the acquisition of JPay is one of the transactions that made Securus Technologies the fastest growing company in the correctional sector. Today, Securus Technologies can virtually offer anything that is software or tech based to correctional agencies. Furthermore, JPay has been an innovative force in the industry for many years. In that case, it was an opportune time for Securus Company to combine its products and teams with JPay.

Securus Technologies (ST) has received thousands of emails and letters about customer appreciation on how it is providing adequate services that keep the society and inmates safer than before. Mr. Rick Smith also made it clear that safety is part of the company’s DNA. It is the honor of Securus Technologies to serve and protect the community. Furthermore, Securus Company was established to help the society move forwards in matters regarding security. Over the years, it has been assisting public service agencies with the monitoring of business services.

About Rick Smith
Mr. Rick Smith is the current CEO and President of ST (Securus Technologies), a company he joined in 2008. He is an impressive manager and a productive leader as well. Rick Smith has a comprehensive wealth of skills when it comes to telecom business. He has held many positions in different companies, including IT, finance, operations, and business development. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, Securus Technologies has seen a positive result in the servicing industry. He has been guiding his team, which consists of professionals on how to improve on issues relating to customer services. He even encouraged them to respond to emails because it is one of the ways of interacting with their clients. Rick Smith understands that Securus is a stout investment. Therefore, it is his responsibility to help Securus Technologies release new services and products to correctional agencies.

Before he joined Securus Technologies as the CEO, Rick Smith also worked with several organizations. He started his first career with GCNA (Global Crossing North America) Inc. in 1972. He also served as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at Eschelon Telecom Inc., a company which he became its President in 2002. As mentioned before, Rick Smith is a good leader, and during his tenure as the President, the revenue collection of Eschelon Technologies grew from $35 million to nearly $350 million.

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