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The Upcoming Of Rick Smith

Rick Smith is a very successful entrepreneur! He has accomplished many goals within his lifetime. Smith has been a CEO and President of an organization by the name of Securus Technologies since 2008. Rick Smith has also been the president of a corporation called Eschelon Telecom Inc for three ongoing years. Smith also was the vice president of a financial organization at Frontier Corp. As mentioned before, Rick Smith has had a very successful career thus far, and he will only continue to build on his current throne.

Mr. Smiths intelligence started early in his college years. He earned his associates degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, he received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, he earned a Masters degree in mathematics, and lastly, he received his Masters in Business Administration. As you can see, Rick Smith’s success isn’t a fluke. Hard work and dedication throughout his college years paid off and put him in a great position to be financially stable.

Some other successful positions that Smith had been put in are becoming the president of Frontier Information Technologies, Network Plant Operations Director, and Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. These are only some of the positions that Rick Smith has seen in his lifetime. The list could go down a whole page of all his successful job positions.

The business that Rick Smith is currently in is called Securus. Securus is a for-profit prison company, which performs duties for more than 2,000 correctional buildings across all 50 states and Canada. Securus Technology has been in service since the year 1986. The company currently has more than 140 patents and it’s one of the best innovations in technology. It has more than three decades of helping the reshaping needs of the corrections industry and law enforcement. Securus has been one of the all time leaders in excelling the use of video calls, so inmates are able to have contact with whoever may be visiting them. This technology works better, because it saves the prison money and it increases safety precautions.

Under the supervision of Rick Smith, Securus has sky rocketed and has invested much more that $600 million dollars within only three years! That is great improvement and even better results. Due to the high technology of Securus, prison systems are able to track down inmates quicker and it helps them solve crimes. This method helps law enforcement become more efficient and they are able to help the community better.

Overall, Rick Smith has done a tremendous job of keeping his company on the right track and better improving prison systems. Patience and dedication can take people a long way in life in the positive direction, Mr. Smith knows all about that!

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