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5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference as a Panelist

John Holt is the president and also the CEO of the NexBank Capital. He recently participated in the 5th Annual strategic opportunities and M &A conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. While in the conference, Mr. Holt together with the panel tackled the topic about reinventing community banking.


This is a forum for a couple of financial players them including the bank leaders, consultants, and advisers where they share opportunities and challenges with concern to the bank leaders. The panelists are tasked with exploring the strategic opportunities that are through the M&A activity and also those that touch on the organic growth and branching.


About Nexbank Capital Inc.


NexBank, SSB was established in the early days that was, 1934. It is comprised of three branches. Its total assets are estimated to be around 6 million dollars. I deposit in the $5 million bracket. The net income for the company is around $59 thousand.


NexBank has its headquarters in Dallas Texas. Here it is the 13th largest bank in the state. However, on the national radar, it seats a comfortable 200th place. The company currently employees around 86 employees in all its major branches in the state of Texas.


NexBank Capital Inc offers a range of other financial services to its customers. These include service through three core businesses, that is, commercial banking, institutional services and mortgage banking. Through these platforms, the company provides customized financial banking services to its clients, corporations and also other financial institutions and real estate investors. NexBank executive management team combines the wealthy experience and expertise in the financial field to focus a strong service delivery to its clients. This way is providing excellent financial services to the corporate sector, institutional sector and also to the individual stakeholders in the company. This credit the company to be recognized as a reliable and also timely, quality execution company.

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